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Secondary schools offer education to children from the age of 11. They see students through key stages three and four, where they’ll learn some of the most advanced academic and life skills.

This period of education is often regarded as the most important time in a young person’s development – a time where they make essential friendships, learn more advanced material and prepare themselves to enter the world of higher education or full-time employment.

As a result, the role of teachers within secondary schools is invaluable.

As well providing essential academic education, teachers can help students appreciate the opportunity to learn, as well enabling to them to be more self and socially aware.

Not only do secondary school teachers watch their students grow, they help them grow.

Staff absence.

Secondary schools are experiencing increasing pressure to deliver top quality results despite restricted resources. They have an average pupil-teacher ratio of more than 17:1, and an average of 69 members of staff per school.

The increasing pressure put on teachers can result in high levels of stress and therefore stress related staff absences.

The average absence length for a stress related claim is 27 days and many secondary schools don’t have the funds or resources set aside to provide cover for this length of time.

This is one of the many HR challenges that secondary schools face. Staff absences can hurt the operation of the school and can be costly to provide replacements.

we can help.

In a time of heightened budgetary challenges, the cost of a staff absence can be crippling to a secondary school and ultimately affect the quality of teaching if the necessary insurances are not in place. Our policy cover can mitigate this by paying your school a chosen daily benefit for each day of absence after the waiting day period. This allows your school to maintain a high level of teaching and gives you the freedom to spend more of your budget elsewhere.

You can find out how much it would cost to cover your secondary school by getting an instant quote online.

The process takes less than a minute to complete and if you find the same policy elsewhere for cheaper, we guarantee to beat the price. It’s that simple!


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