the final step.

College is often the final step before students leave education and enter the working world or attend university. Whatever path they choose the qualifications and grades they achieve are fundamental to their future. At college/sixth form students have more freedom but must learn to think, work and motivate themselves independently.

With an increase in the age at which teenagers can leave the education system, sixth forms and colleges are becoming increasingly popular amongst students and that trend is set to continue over the coming years.

For teachers/lecturers this means larger class sizes, which in turn creates a greater overall workload.

Staff absence.

Greater attendance at sixth form colleges is putting more pressure on teachers and support staff working within these institutions.

Having more students to educate means their performance is likely to be closely scrutinised.

Students need optimal support whilst at sixth form to achieve impressive grades and reach their potential.

As they become more specialised in the subjects that they study, the volume of teaching staff they rely on becomes less.

we can help.

As such, absences in teaching staff have more impact on students’ education. We can offer your college/sixth form a staff absence insurance policy to mitigate this by paying you a chosen daily benefit for each day of absence, after the waiting day period. This allows your college to maintain a high level of teaching and gives you the freedom to allocate more of your budget elsewhere.

You can find out how much it would cost to cover your college/sixth form by getting an instant quote online. The process takes less than a minute to complete and if you find the same policy elsewhere for cheaper, we guarantee to beat the price. It’s that simple!


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