Make your classroom more festive this Christmas

The last few days of school before the Christmas break can be an exciting time for young children, and many will start to lose focus as the last week of term approaches. For teachers it can be difficult to harness all that excitement and maintain your student’s concentration and willingness to learn.

That’s why we’ve come up with a few fun Christmas themed lessons (which require minimal preparation) that should help to keep your primary school pupils engaged right up to the break.

Creating Christmas cards

Creating Christmas cards is a great activity to give children that festive feeling. From button baubles to fingerprint reindeer, this arts and crafts themed lesson allows your pupils to be creative and show offer their artistic flair. They also make great classroom decorations and your students’ parents will love them!

Christmas writing

Christmas themed poems, stories or letters are a great way to improve your students writing and English language skills. It also allows them to use their imagination and be creative. For instance, you could ask children to pretend they are one of Santa’s elves and write a journal entry about their day, or to write a persuasive letter to Santa arguing why they should be on the nice list.

Christmas singalong

Why not try a festive singalong with your class? Its inclusive, allows the children to express themselves and have fun. Plus, learning new songs is great for vocabulary retention.