Christmas Jumper Day!

Today is Christmas Jumper Day! It is the day to put on Christmas jumpers and help children in the UK and around the world get the best future possible.

Every December, millions of people across the UK and beyond put on a festive jumper at their workplace, school or with friends and make a donation to help give children the future they deserve.

Since the first Christmas Jumper Day in 2012, over £35 million has been raised for children in the UK and across the world. In 2022, £5 million was raised, including £2 million of match funding from the UK Government and over 2 million school children and 24,000 workplaces took part.

What do Save the Children do?

 There is more to Christmas Jumper Day than wearing a festive jumper, you’ll be helping children facing serious issues like war, hunger, and poverty. This year, with so many children having a really tough time, getting involved matters more than ever! In the UK and around the world, Save the Children make sure children are kept safe, healthy and in learning.

Who have Save the Children helped?

Save the Children have helped 45 million children across the world get medicine, good food and the education they need.

How have Save the Children made a difference?

Around the world:

  • As a children’s rights charity, the movement operates in 115 countries, providing unique care to children, based on their specific needs including:
  • Vaccinating children in remote regions.
  • Providing antibiotics for pneumonia treatment.
  • Setting up learning centres after disasters.
  • Working to bring British children home from Syria.

In the UK:

  • Save the Children work in homes, nurseries, schools, and communities to narrow the gap between children living in poverty and their better off classmates.
  • When COVID hit, children’s lives were turned upside down. To help, Save the Children started an Emergency Grant for the worst affected families. So far Save the Children has helped over 10,000 children with early learning packs, food vouchers and other essentials.

Will you be taking part this year? Send us your pictures!