Secondary school to ban bikes without number plates

A south London school is forcing children to cycle with number plates on their bikes to crack down on irresponsible cycling.

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Ed Sheeran speaks out against cuts to music education in state schools

Ed Sheeran has spoken out against cuts to music education in state schools, saying he benefited from the tuition he received as a student.

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Teachers reveal their worst end-of-year gifts

A thong, lube and a stolen car radio feature in a list of the worst end-of-year gifts received by teachers.

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'Super student' off to university at eight years old

A Belgian boy has graduated from secondary school at the age of eight after completing six years of study in 18 months.

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Teachers are using emojis to help students learn

Emojis have fast become an essential part of 21st century communication, and they are now reportedly finding their way into the classroom. According to the Times Educational Supplement (TES), growing numbers of teachers are using emojis to help children engage with their studies.

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