uncertain times.

We’re aware that the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had wide-reaching ramifications for schools, academies and colleges throughout the UK.

From school closures to cancelled exams, teachers and students have had to endure a prolonged period of uncertainty.

Many schools are concerned that their budgets could be cut further and diverted into other areas of public spending. There is also the worry of an outbreak within their school, and the implications this would have on their pupils and workforce.

That’s why we’d like to reassure schools that we are here to support them through this unpredictable time.

we're here to help.

Our staff absence insurance policy can provide financial protection for schools and academies in the unfortunate event that Coronavirus affects their staff.

That’s because we are one of the only providers to offer cover for COVID-19. Within our 2022 policy, if you choose COVID-19 cover and one of your insured members of staff tests positive, you can make a claim.

You will also be able to claim if an insured member of staff is absent from work as they are showing symptoms of COVID-19 and need to self-isolate in line with government guidance.

Plus, we don’t require any proof of a supply teacher being engaged, so how the funds can be used entirely at your discretion.

health support.

Taking out a staff absence insurance policy with us will give your insured members of staff unlimited access to a 24-hour helpline service.

Whether they have issues around anxiety, isolation or general health concerns, they will have immediate access to counselling and advice on any COVID-19 related issues they may be experiencing.

You can find out how much it would cost to protect your school against the risk of COVID-19 related absence by getting an instant quote online. The process takes less than a minute to complete and if you find the same policy elsewhere for cheaper, we’ll beat the price!